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Our Price Starts From $0.19 Per Image

Use Clipping Path India service to Increase your sales by using the professional images on your website.

Clipping Path India (CPIn) is one of the best image clipping service providers.

We offer a full range of photo editing & graphic design services.


Clipping Paths India (CPIn) is one of the world’s best clipping path service providers.

We always offer satisfaction-guaranteed work for our clients and do every work as our work.

We offer a wide range of editing services, including Clipping Path, Background Remove, Image Masking, Photo Retouching, Shadow Creating, Image Manipulation, and Color Correction, with a perfect blend of experience, skill, dedication, and punctuality.

We are different from others because we always maintain high-quality work at an affordable price. And our specialty is that we are available 24/7, 365 days a, and we believe that the client is always right.

Our Services

Our main aim is to provide quality services with accuracy. For this, we have a well-trained team to provide high-quality results.

We have dedicated customer support to serve you the best customer experience you have ever had before.

Clipping Path
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Clipping Path is a service that cuts out the images from the background for use anywhere. This method is most famous for the online use of photos. That is the only way you can have liveliness in your beautiful image.

Clipping Path India is one of the best Indian clipping path service providers. We offer a full range of image editing & graphic design services, including background removal, ghost mannequins, vector conversion, image manipulation, image masking, shadow placing, object removal from the image, and photo retouching.
Our experts can handle any image editing work for you. We provide excellent photo editing services to make your images better. Our prices are reasonable, and we provide highly high-quality services.

Services that we serve you best

Background Remove

Background removal is a technique to remove unwanted parts from an image. Removing the image’s background is a most needed part of any website because every website needs to add images for the perfection of Webpages. So, it’s a most needed service for all.

We use cutting-edge technology to make background removal quick and professional. Clipping Path India team of expert artists uses professional-grade equipment and training to ensure we provide the highest quality services at an affordable price.
We understand the importance of keeping your Product image’s background clean and clear.
There is complex software available in the market for tedious jobs. There are also image processing companies that can do this online instantly.

Color Correction
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Color correction is a service where need to adjust the color as per requirements. Most of the time we need more than 2 colors in one photograph or need to change the color of specific elements of the picture. So, this service is important for every professional.

Color correction is a service that is needed for your product images & photos. It can correct tonal differences and natural-looking colors in your photo to give them more depth and visual appeal. Tones and colors can be removed or added to make an image look like it was taken in a specific place or time.
At Clipping Path India offer a professional-level color correction service at affordable prices and tips for effective use of color correction in your photographs.

Drop Shadow

Drop shadow is an effect in photos for creating nature. A shaded image can also outcome from illumination that is not uniform or from a camera that is not aware enough. Photo shades and drop shadows impart a dimension to flat images to bring them alive.

Drop shadow or shadow effect is the most basic form of image processing you can apply to any photo.
It’s used when you want to give an object (or person) a unique form or appearance without dramatically altering the overall image. A shaded image can also result from illumination that is not uniform or from a camera that is not aware enough.

Breaking from the monotony of dominant colors and textures, drop shadow allows for a range of emotions to be expressed — from sadness to delight; from tranquility to aggression.

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Image Retouch
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Attach the front part and neck part of garments in one image is called the neck joint. It’s the most important service for garments bulk production. 

By using Photoshop neck joint service maintain the consistency of the design, sizes, shapes, and colors with wear & tear of the product. You may not know “invisible mannequin” but it’s an indispensable part of your e-commerce store in the form of a picture that shows the front and back of your product.

An invisible mannequin allows you to easily communicate important information about your products without having to ask your customers. And this is what will make your online store more user-friendly for both users and search engines.
Each of these image retouching techniques takes time and dedication to master, only with time can retouches learn to recognize different areas of image imperfections and correct them. This way is the uses of Image Retouching.

Image Retouching is one of the most wonderful services from clipping path india.

Invisible Mannequin

We always offer satisfaction guaranteed work for our client and do every work as own work with

Clipping Path India offer a wide range of image editing services such as Clipping Path service, Background Remove, Image Masking, Photo Retouching, Shadow Creating, Multiple Clipping Path, Image Manipulation, Color Correction, and Web Image Optimization With a perfect blend of experience, skill, dedication, and punctuality.

We are different from others because we always maintain high-quality work at an affordable price. And our specialty is that, we are 24/7 available 365 days also we believe that the client is always right.

. Its best highlights whether you have the whole body or just a part. The service provides a visual idea of what it would look like if worn by the general public.

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Clipping Path India always does its work with care. So our work will be worthwhile only when you are fully satisfied with our work.

By looking at our previous work, you will get an idea of how your work will be if you work with us.

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Clipping Paths India (CPIn) is one of the best clipping path service provider on the earth. We always offer satisfactory guaranteed work for our client and do every work as own work with carefully.

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Perfect Your Product Photos with Clipping Path: The Ultimate Image Editing Solution

At Clipping Path Service, we truly believe that each and every image has the potential to convey a powerful story- one that has the capacity to captivate and engage your target audience. That’s why we have made it our mission to offer exceptional photo editing services that enable you to elevate the visual appeal of your brand, products, or services. With our team of skilled and experienced designers, we take pride in delivering unparalleled clipping path services, exceptional photo retouching and background removal solutions to both individuals and businesses alike.

Our success as an industry leader stems from our unwavering commitment to building long-term and trustworthy relationships with all our clients. Clipping Path Service strive to fully understand and cater to your distinctive needs and preferences, using cutting-edge technology, innovative software, and advanced tools to expedite the entire process without ever compromising on quality.

We are an ethical and socially responsible business that promotes environmentally friendly practices and job creation in all the regions we operate in. Our acclaimed services extend to businesses of all sizes across a broad range of industries, with flexible and pocket-friendly pricing options to suit every budget. So why not join hands with us today, and let’s together take your visual narrative to the next level!